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Reka has the ability to discover a person’s entire life story in one meeting, such is her curiosity and ability to get people to open up.

The creator of The Mind’s Playground, she is a certified Life Coach and Neuro-Linguistic Programing (NLP) practitioner.

Her clients might find themselves building sandcastles at the beach, drawing pictures while sipping on wine, going for a long walking trek or sitting for a few minutes practicing mindfulness.

Through various exercise techniques Reka assists her clients to set achievable goals. She’s like a personal cheerleader, the one cheering “yes you can” and encouraging every step of the way.

Reka uses an adaptable and evolving platform based on years of personal experience where through ongoing one on one sessions, clients can break through their personal and professional barriers.

Let's play a game

Take a moment and think about your current relationships including the one with yourself.

What are some of your beliefs around love and relationships?

With these beliefs in mind take a look around you.

Do those beliefs match what you see?

If you are not happy with what is playing out in front of you, it's time to play another game. One where you get to choose how you are going to win at life.

They said what?

Reka bounced into my life with a charismatic energy like no one else I’ve ever met! Through thought provoking questions and visualisation exercises, Reka helped me to look at events in my life with a different perspective. She helped me overcome some very difficult times as well as unlocked something inside me that set me more in sync with the world. I now have a strong desire for my own self awareness and personal growth and I have Reka to thank for that. We recently travelled through Sri Lanka together where we challenged ourselves physically and mentally. Reka’s spontaneity and inquisitiveness made for a great travel companion. We had deep conversations covering many topics and also laughed for hours. If you get the opportunity to travel with her - take it! Reka’s style of coaching in one of a kind. She LISTENS. She picks up on your body language, your words used. And she responds based on YOU, rather than giving you some generic mantra. I highly recommend meeting Reka and experiencing her warm, excitable energy for yourself.
Natalie Bush
London, England

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