Hi there, my name is Reka. I am a naturally curious person, a lover of people and human potential. I have dedicated my life to better understand how the mind works; how we can accept who we are and how we can live a more fulfilled and meaningful life.

I have lots of interests and I never knew what I wanted to be when I grew up.

For years I felt lost and it was by chance that my career started out the way it did. From the humble beginnings in the entertainment industry to later becoming a Human Resources Professional.

After years within the corporate world – one that felt very foreign to me, I started investing in my personal and professional development. I became aware of my most important values, strengths and natural skills and it was during this time that I began to realize I had something precious I could share. So my journey to what became my life passion started to evolve.

During my time in Human Resources, I had the opportunity to coach my colleagues, managers and friends and after receiving very positive feedback I decided it was time to create what I was naturally pulled towards and live my life as a full-time coach.

Today, I am a certified holistic life, career and executive coach and NLP practitioner.

My mission through The Mind’s Playground is to help you to break away from the personal rules that are holding you back, increase your choices by expanding your mind, exploring what it is you really want and show you how you can achieve your full potential.

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